Darling Collections Lipstick that lasts!!


Hello Darlings,

I have been selling lipsense since January and been active on my Facebook and instagram pages way more than on here!  Let me tell you why I love Lipsense!  First of all I found out about the product at the Pinners Conference in 2016, had the girls at the booth apply a really bold pink and I thought…”if this lipstick will actually stay on I might have a winner for teaching all day.”  There really isn’t much time to reapply lipstick during a school day, let alone run to the bathroom before students show up at your door. Anyways, I chose the color Razzberry and really loved the color.  It tingled a bit when I first put it on but I was one of those chapstick in every desk, vehicle, purse kinda girls, which chapstick isn’t healing for your lips AT ALL, its just a “cover” of wax.  So I walked around the conference, even helped with a presenters workshop, had pasta for dinner, a drink with a friend, and late night chatting about our busy day.  I decided not to wash off my lipstick just to test the longevity of it.  You guys!!! The next morning it was still on and looked like I had just applied it!!!!  Shocked I got ready, even brushing my teeth didn’t remove it, and went back to the conference and b-lined it to the Lipsense booth!  I had another application of the gloss then back to help a presentation.  I had sticker shock on the price of the package deal I wanted at first so I didn’t jump in to buy it.  After another long day at the conference the Lipsnese was still looking good so I had to get it!  Who knew if there would be anyone in Boise who sells it.

It took me a long time to decide to sell the products even though I loved them because I am not good at “selling products” to people.  I had several people ask about my lip colors and how it was still on for a few weeks before I decided to become a distributor, but I figured i would just get the discount and not really need to sell it if I wanted.  Well one color led to 15 and a shortage of products had me grabbing the colors as quickly as I could so I would have colors for others.  And here I am today!16426272_10155015291134320_8144173313145771284_n

I have tried several other products one by one and really like all that I have tried.  Besides the lip colors I use the shadowsense, tinted moisturizer, bronzing powder, bronzing spray, pearlizer, and body lotion daily!


I mean look at what just adding lipstick to your routine does to finish your outfit!!

Please let me know if you are interested in the products and if there is a color I can get you wearing daily too!

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Cobalt and lime…

Got this cute cobalt dress on Black friday sale at Anthropologie.  It is so cute and the pockets are a must!  I paired it with a yellowish greenish cardigan and my favorite Cole Haan flats!!!


Had to add in this cute photo with Haddie.  She has been watching daddy take my photos for my photos and tries to weasel her way into them often…


Sequins, Sequins, Sequins!!!

I, with many others I am sure, currently have a sequin obsession!  I want a sequin maxi skirt but cannot get myself to pay over $100 for one, so to substitute I will purchase everything else I can in sequins….. haha  Here are some really fun blue sequin pants I got from groopdealz.com paired with a simple but cute white shirt and my recent score necklace, from Anthropoligie.  I love the pants but the minor problem was that if your legs touch at all…standing, sitting, or walking the sequins will grab each other and get stuck not allowing you to look “normal” until they either break, get unstuck, or you grab them and pull it apart.  Untitled-1 fashion is worth it…

Holiday Party Attire

Here is an outfit that was from Christmas time.  Red skirt was found at a thrift store and silver sequin shirt was purchased on groopdealz.com


Thanksgiving outfit, B&W with GOLD!



For Thanksgiving I wore an outfit I got from Downeast Basics.  Black and white stripe shirt with a knee length lace skirt and a gold bow belt.  I also added a rhinestone necklace I found on clearance at Tai Pan Trading Post, gotta love a good deal!!!