Darling Collections Lipstick that lasts!!


Hello Darlings,

I have been selling lipsense since January and been active on my Facebook and instagram pages way more than on here!  Let me tell you why I love Lipsense!  First of all I found out about the product at the Pinners Conference in 2016, had the girls at the booth apply a really bold pink and I thought…”if this lipstick will actually stay on I might have a winner for teaching all day.”  There really isn’t much time to reapply lipstick during a school day, let alone run to the bathroom before students show up at your door. Anyways, I chose the color Razzberry and really loved the color.  It tingled a bit when I first put it on but I was one of those chapstick in every desk, vehicle, purse kinda girls, which chapstick isn’t healing for your lips AT ALL, its just a “cover” of wax.  So I walked around the conference, even helped with a presenters workshop, had pasta for dinner, a drink with a friend, and late night chatting about our busy day.  I decided not to wash off my lipstick just to test the longevity of it.  You guys!!! The next morning it was still on and looked like I had just applied it!!!!  Shocked I got ready, even brushing my teeth didn’t remove it, and went back to the conference and b-lined it to the Lipsense booth!  I had another application of the gloss then back to help a presentation.  I had sticker shock on the price of the package deal I wanted at first so I didn’t jump in to buy it.  After another long day at the conference the Lipsnese was still looking good so I had to get it!  Who knew if there would be anyone in Boise who sells it.

It took me a long time to decide to sell the products even though I loved them because I am not good at “selling products” to people.  I had several people ask about my lip colors and how it was still on for a few weeks before I decided to become a distributor, but I figured i would just get the discount and not really need to sell it if I wanted.  Well one color led to 15 and a shortage of products had me grabbing the colors as quickly as I could so I would have colors for others.  And here I am today!16426272_10155015291134320_8144173313145771284_n

I have tried several other products one by one and really like all that I have tried.  Besides the lip colors I use the shadowsense, tinted moisturizer, bronzing powder, bronzing spray, pearlizer, and body lotion daily!


I mean look at what just adding lipstick to your routine does to finish your outfit!!

Please let me know if you are interested in the products and if there is a color I can get you wearing daily too!

Facebook: Darling collections & Lindsey’s Lipsense with Darling Collections (join my group and say hello and you will be entered to get a discount on your purchase)

Instagram @darlingcollections


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