Tool Box Dresser Complete

So the toolbox dresser is completed, we actually added rolling wheels to the bottom of it so it is completely mobile after taking the final picture. Brett added a few layers of clear to the outside, and his craftsman logo from his toolbox, so it really did look like a craftsman toolbox. Many of the people who saw it thought it was a toolbox we purchased and thought it was sooo cool. It is now in Carter’s new race car/boy room with his big boy bed.





7 thoughts on “Tool Box Dresser Complete

  1. So was it a dresser or tool box to begin with? I’ve been wondering how to do something like this for my little boy. We’ve done cars since he was born… just trying to keep up with his age. 🙂

    • It was actually a dresser I found at a thrift store for $9.00. I sanded it and painted it the colors of a tool box, put a clear coat on it, added wheels, and handles from home depot, it can be done with any wood dresser and a little time.

  2. I LOVE IT!!! I definntly didn’t wanna pay the price of an actual toolbox this size!! Why didn’t I think of this before I ask myself soincce I’m always painting

  3. HI,

    Are you able to tell me what color red you used for this? I am looking to make one for my son and I like the red you used. Also, what type of clear coat did you use?

    • I am not exactly sure what the color name was but I just went to Lowes and got the most red red I could find (fire engine red) and I got it in a shinny finish so it looked clear coated. So I didnt do a separate clear coat, I just got the shinny finish in the paint.

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