Victory Morgan

I am sad to say that Brett, Haddie and I traveled to Arizona for  Victory Morgans service this week.  It was very hard for us to imagine what the Eggleston and Harmer Families were going through, but they were so strong through everything.  The viewing was perfect with thousands of pictures of Victory Morgan doing everything he loved to do.  Jenedy made a special point to put so many happy memories around for everyone to share the moment with them.  She even stayed up all night practically creating a video montage of Morgan.  Morgan has such amazing parents!  The service was equally amazing.  Jenedy and Victor both spoke at the funeral, they shared so many family memories they had in the three short years with Morgan.  After the funeral service we all went and let balloons go for Morgan, such a cool thing to see.  We were lucky to be able to spend some extra time with the families before we left, it was so good to see everyone and know that we were all thinking of Morgan and how wonderful he is.  We will all miss him!!!

There will be an auction on Morgan’s behalf to raise money for the medical bills the family has accrued over the 7 weeks in the hospital/icu.  The auction will take place on December 2nd. If you’re still interested in donating items for the auction details can be found HERE. You can also make a direct donation HERE to help.

Jenedy’s speech from the funeral service has been posted onto Facebook, it truly is amazing.  You can read it HERE.


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