Happy New Year 2012

This will be one of the few posts without Haddie’s picture in it.  We went to the Holiday Inn for their New Years Party with family and friends.  Would have taken Haddie with us, but thought other people wouldn’t approve:(  Haddie went to her Aunt Frannie and Uncle Chris’ house to play with Carter, THANK YOU again you guys!!!  Here is some evidence of our fun night out… I bought some wooden numbers from the craft store for some creative pictures, it was a hit!

These pictures were taken as couples and Photoshopped together…the black backdrop they had worked perfectly!

This picture needs explaining!  So the countdown began 10…9…8…Brett was missing.  Everyone was looking for Brett and asking me where he was…all I knew is that he went to the bathroom at around 1 minute till midnight.  Hmmmmm.  Well we got down to 4…3…2… I decided to take a picture of everyone because Brett was nowhere to be found and then, que hero music, there he was sprinting through the doorway towards us.  I got this picture just before 2…1…  Perfect timing!

Happy New Year!!!


One thought on “Happy New Year 2012

  1. So if anyone is wondering about our oh so nifty outfits. The ad for the venue SAID ” 60’s Theme” black and white party. Well, guess what. Only 2 other couples read the same ad. Nevertheless weeeee made the party happen!!!! Oh I think fun was had by all.

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