At the Cabin.

We got invited to go to the Wilson’s cabin in Lowman for the weekend.  So much fun with Aunt Frannie, Uncle Chris, Carter and Gage.  Brett has been wanting to go snowmobiling for some time now and this was his opportunity.  Not much snow this season, so this might be the first and last ride of the year.  The kids all kept each other busy and as soon as they went to bed us adults played the wii.  It was so fun just to be out of town and hanging out with friends!!!  The entire weekend awesome, cant wait until Brett and I can one day get a cabin in order to pay it forward to all those who share theirs with us.  Cant wait to do it again!  Thank you Chris and Frannie for the awesome weekend!!

Carter and Gage so excited to see elk outside the window.  They watched them for at least 45 minutes and if the elk left Carter and Gage were at the window waiting for them to come back.

Carter pulled Haddie around in the sled for a good hour, if not longer, she loved it and I think he did too.  He would pull her a little ways and look back making sure she was ok, too cute!!

Boys and their toys.

Carter snowboarding, at 3 years old, with his mom.  He actually has really good balance and likes to snowboard. He kept saying that he wanted to go snowboarding in the mountains, which meant that he wanted to try again.

Haddie and Daddy with crazy beanie hair after snowmobiling.Chris built Carter a little hill to snowboard on, but he decided to sled down it instead.

Snack time.

Back at the cabin Carter, Frannie and Gage talked on their banana phones for about 2 hours, while teaching Haddie how to crawl.  She did stay on her hands and knee’s longer than usual but no crawling…getting closer though.  Needless to say the banana’s looked pretty rough when they went “out of service”.

Before we left we had to take some family pics.  Here are a few, it is more difficult than you think to take pictures of yourself with a huge camera…here are a few good ones.

Haddie was cracking up when Brett was bouncing her on the bed, had to post some of the cute pictures.

Here is one I got of Frannie, Chris and Carter cuddling on Carters blankets, and Gage joined in the picture too.

Finnaly, as we were leaving a bunch of deer came so close to us.  Here are some pictures that Frannie and I got on our cameras.  Frannie was a little more brave than me, she got a little too close for my comfort.  Good pictures though.Their way of saying “good bye”


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