1st Valentines Day

Here are some pictures from Haddie’s first Valentines Day.  She had so much fun at daycare getting Valentines and eating a cupcake we were told, then got to go to Grandma and Grandpas for a few little gifts.  Also Thank you Frannie at Ampersand Studios for the amazing mini photo shoot for Valentines Day!!!

Haddie loved pulling out all the Valentines, she found a Hershey’s Kiss and thought it was so funny to pretend to eat it, she cracked up…and I was too!

Haddies present from Mom and Dad… a Hootie (owl) book and a cute sweater!

And a Hootie purse from Grandma, way to cute I want one for myself (maybe I will use it until Haddie is old enough to actually use it…)The gift bag and the book were more fun to play with than actually read.  Haddie kept putting the book in and taking it out, then it ended up on her head.  Crazy girl!

Happy First Valentines Day Haddie!!  xoxoxo Mom and Dad


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