Haddie’s Baptism

Had an awesome weekend!  My dad came back in town after being gone for 2 months, his birthday party was on Saturday, and Haddie got baptised on Sunday. Such a busy weekend, but so much fun!!!


On the way to the church.  Sweet Baby Girl! The dress she got baptized in was actually my christening dress when I was 3 months old.  So special that she was able to wear it at her baptism… I smell and tradition starting…I hope 🙂


Haddie and Grandma Wells before the service.  The banner in the church had Haddie’s name on it, they put all the names of people who get baptised in 2012 on the banner and it hangs in the church with all other banners from years before.

Haddie did so good during the entire church service, she hardly even squeaked.  Carter was drawing and Haddie would move his pencil with her foot and giggle, Carter didn’t even mind.  I am sure if it was somebody else Carter would have been upset, but if Haddie does it he is ok with it.  When the Pastor asked Haddie if she was ready to be baptised she answered by looking directly at him with her big blue eyes and grabbed his cross on his necklace.  As he poured the water into the base she looked over the edge to see it, she loves water!!  Brett and I were afraid that she would get the water on her and want more and cry like she does when we take her out of the bath tub, but not this time, she knew how special this water was I guess.  After the baptism the Pastor took her and walked around the church to meet everyone, she had no problem with that either.  Then she fell asleep, a lot to handle.  As soon as Aunt Frannie turned on the camera for pictures afterwards her eyes popped open and she was ready for family pictures.  Everyone was so surprised.

                                               Haddie’s Godparents/Aunt and Uncle.                      

After the service we all went to my parents for a light snack and relaxation.  Amazing day!!!  Thank you everyone who was a part of her special day.

Haddie was sitting in the chair at Grandma’s and Grampa’s house showing us her new little funny face she is doing, cracking up.


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