Diamond Street Recycling at Boise Flower Home and Garden Show 2012

Went to visit Brett and Greg at the Boise Flower Home and Garden Show this past weekend. Diamond Street Recycling, my families business, had a booth there again this year.  Brett was in charge of decorations and putting it all together, with a little help from my mom and me.  Here are some of the pictures of their booth, the materials they sell, and our outing, which includes a little photo sesh with Grandma and Haddie in the alley downtown Boise.    Almost 100% of this display was recycled, doors, tin tubs, milk jugs, product stands, carpet, wine barrel, flyer stand, tin man, lawn mower, picked fence, chair… I made the green and white signs for the products for them using my amazing cricut machine, and made the stands out of recycled rocks and metal wire for them to stand in the mulch.  Brett and Greg working hard to spread the word about the products Diamond Street has to offer.  Aren’t they cute!                                                  Haddie loved the baby chicks they had at the booth next to Daddy’s!!                                                         Brett and I at lunch…


Training Haddie young to be a dumpster diver, like Mommy and Grandma.  “Reach for it Haddie, one mans trash is another mans (woman’s) treasure.”


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