Kitchen Table…now Computer Desk

What we have here is a late night project brought on by Frannie.  She needed a computer desk for her new houses’ home office so she went to a thrift store and found this table for around 50 dollars.  She arrived at my house around 7:00pm one night wanting me to help her with the project, little did I know she wanted it done that night….she was so excited about it that she couldn’t wait.  This is what we started with:


Next we sanded the piece lightly on the legs and under the top.  The top was laminate so after sanding for a bit we decided that if she was to paint the top it would take a lot more sanding and even then with primer and paint it may scratch off really easily because of the slick surface…

So we decided to leave the top alone for now until we got better sandpaper or another idea.  We primed the legs with a spray primer:

After a hard choice on the color we wanted to use we tested yellow, but it was really bright so we re-primed the test spot and decided on just white for a fresh clean look.  As I began to paint on the top coat we decided that fabric on the top would be the best.  After the first coat of paint Frannie ran to JoAnns at 8:30, which is a 10 minute drive (and they close at 9.  I would not have been able to pick fabric out in that amount of time.)  Here is the first coat of white:

Here is the fabric she decided on…

Then we needed a large jar of Mod Podge

Spread the Mod Podge on the surface after sanding lightly using a dense foam roller, or brush.

Next we measured out the size of the table and trimmed the fabric to fit, with a few inches on the edges just in case. 

Lay the fabric onto the wet Mod Podge noticing the pattern and placing it right where you want it.  Use a credit card to smooth out the fabric and possible air bubbles that are under it.  Go from the center and work your way out.

Pout more Mod Podge onto the fabric and spread around with the brush/roller.

Then trim the edges with an exact-o blade or knife.  We were lucky because we could use the decorative edge to “guide” our blade around the edge.

Allow to dry completely over night…and you are done!!!  Here is the AFTER:

And here is the AFTER: in her home office!!!  Turned out way cute!


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Table…now Computer Desk

  1. I love the look,my head is spinning with ideas and designs. Was the surface a plastic laminate or just veneer. Is the surface smooth and solid looking or does it have the texture of fabric?

    • K Gilmore,
      The table top was not real wood so we could not just sand and paint it so that is why the fabric came to mind. It was a thicker, maybe even outdoor fabric, so it did have a little bit of a “linen” texture to it but nothing that really changed the quality of writing through paper. Hope this helps! Have fun with yours!!

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