Sunshine & Lemonade 1st Birthday Photoshoot

After celebrating their 1st Birthday at home we took the props out with our FAVORITE photographer, Frannie Wilson from Ampersand Studios.  She got some seriously adorable photos!  As we were all getting the props, babies, lemonade stand, lemonade, jars, straws, etc… out of the truck and walking it over to the spot for the photos a guy on horseback came on the trail by us.  After putting his horse in the trailer he said he would be our first customer.  Frannie and I looked at each other, shocked, but he was serious and had money in hand.  So I scrambled to find a cup for him.  He thought we were really selling lemonade in the middle of nowhere with all this stuff…??  Funny!!!  So he was the girls first customer.  It ended up being good because Paisley couldn’t get enough of the money in the jar.  Paisley was, and will forever be most likely, the money keeper and Stella the customer service/quality control.  So fun, thank you again Frannie!!!

Copyright Ampersand Studios 2014paisley $stella eating lemonsingle together singlsCopyright Ampersand Studios 2014Copyright Ampersand Studios 2014camerahand, lemon

on bikesCopyright Ampersand Studios 2014Copyright Ampersand Studios 2014Copyright Ampersand Studios 2014 Copyright Ampersand Studios 2014stellaon box


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