Wedding Trip to Garden Valley

Between starting school again, both Brett and I working, girls going to daycare full time, and everyone getting adjusted with the “new” old routine we took a trip to Garden Valley, Idaho for a family friends wedding.  It was such a beautiful place!!!!  The wedding was on the property of a cabin they rented and had the most beautiful backgrounds and places for the kids to play and me to take a few photos.  We also were able to take our vintage camper out for her true maiden voyage, the first trip only Brett slept in it due to renovation.camper viewOur camper, in progress still, and the view from the back window.  It was so pretty, and really nice to wake up to such a beautiful spot.  I think another trip with friends is in order and maybe a family photo shoot or two…  Frannie???…

Here is the beautiful couple during their ceremony and just after, Congratulations David and Valerie Jones and their families!!!!

wedding3 girls before

Haddie found some dandelions in the grass and wanted to pick them.  I showed her how she could blow on them and make the little pieces fly, OH MY GOSH she was in love.  She started with one or two then decided to gather an entire hand full and share with sissy…you will see what happened.

blowing dandilionhaddiepicking flowersdandilionspaisley with dandilion

Paisley was blowing on the dandelion just like big sister, then the flower got closer and closer to her mouth.  And just like a 1 year old would do it ended up in her mouth.  The last picture was Haddies reaction face after Paisley ate the flower.

dad me brettKeeping the girls in the area was difficult due to the amount of space there was on the property so Brett and I decided to walk down on a path along the river with the girls so they could do some exploring and the most beautiful lighting was down there.  I feel like I got some pretty great shots of the girls down there, check them out…

3 from behind3 girls in sunstella and haddiepaisley and stellapaisley in rockspaisley shadowp from abovehaddie runningsunny 3


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