Halloween 2014

IMG_5808 Every year I have these amazing ideas on costumes for me to make, and every year I tell myself to start early…but do you think that ever happens….NO!!!  Just like years prior I was putting the costumes together the week before and finishing the day of.  Thank goodness for family and friends who can help! (Thanks MOM!!!).  Haddie decided a while ago she wanted to be Anna, from Frozen, but didn’t like the typical Anna blue dress.  I showed her the coronation dress on B 4 Bubs and she said she wanted that one.  I was nervous because it was from outside the US so sizing could be different, and Haddie has an issue with things being itchy… so I was hoping it was nicer quality than just an everyday costume.  OH MY GOSH this dress is amazing!!!!  Such good quality and detail.  She loved it!  But Anna isn’t blonde…so I HAD too make her a red hair hat to complete the ensemble.  Here is Haddie as Anna.

IMG_5770   IMG_5820


Originally Paisley and Stella were going to be CareBears for Halloween.  My mom and I looked everywhere for a solid zip up sweatsuit for the girls…  We even wanted pink which you would think was easy to find…think again!  Everything had something huge on the jacket or no pink, which in the girls section is unheard of!  Well we found sweatsuits finally then I changed my mind…  My mom went to Sun Valley, Idaho for a girls trip and came back with the most adorable blonde hair hat for Stella, mostly because she thought Stella needed some hair, and I decided when she loved it that she was going to be a Cabbage Patch Kid.  I was so happy that she actually kept the hat on, a miracle!  The dress she wore was one of mine from when I was a baby.  PERF!!!  Here is Stella, baby Cabbage Patch.

IMG_5730 copy IMG_5878 IMG_5926IMG_5897

(the last photo is blurry, but her cheese face is too cute!)

Paisely’s costume was changed in my head several times.  CareBear, My Little Pony, Owl…  I kept going back and forth about Pony and Owl because of time constraints… I still hadn’t done anything the day before Halloween.  I knew making her an owl might be really time consuming if i cut out feathers and sewed them on…  The my little pony could potentially be difficult to…ears, main, tail, cutie mark….. AHHHHH!!!  So I just made the decision and she was an owl.  Instead of making individual owl feathers I just used fabric I had, fat quarters, and cut scallops on doubled fabric.  Then I cut the cape and just hot glued the scallops onto the cape with help from a TA in another teachers class…. thank goodness!  Soooo… Here is Miss Paisley as an Owl.

IMG_5922 IMG_5864 IMG_5910IMG_5790IMG_5787


IMG_5850 copy


Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  We joined some friends for Trick-or-Treating this year so here is a pic of most of the kids together…



Haddie has always had a thing with lining up objects all her life!  So here she is on Halloween lining up all her candy, some snacks, shoes, my camera bag, her Anna dress, etc….





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