Haddie’s Cabinet Finished!!!

So a year ago I went to an estate sale and fell in love with the bedroom furniture!!  The short version of the story is that this lady had it custom-made for her in New York and hand painted, costing somewhere around $10,000 a long time ago.  It was a butterscotch yellowish color with country floral painted on the panels.  The problem was that butterscotch and floral just doesn’t go well with anything in our house…so we thought we could just paint it.  Well the estate sale ladies caught wind of our plan and just about didn’t let us out the door with the furniture, even after we paid for it.  They thought it was so beautiful, which I am sure back in the day it was, but now not so much.  Also the owner lady was a smoker and the furniture had the smell of smoke in every drawer and inch of each piece…had to go.

So it sat in the garage for a while and now we decided where to put pieces of it.  The tall cabinet is going to be perfect for Haddie’s baby room and the dresser would look really good under our TV in the living room.  So Brett and I started, one project at a time, sanding, priming, painting and decorating.




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