Baby Haddison’s Room

Ok so I am due on April 23rd, but have been “nesting” for at least 5 months now, well at least from the time we found out we were having a girl.  Here is the room my husband, mom and I put together for our little princess to be.  Hope you like it as much as I do.

The Cabinet is a refinished piece my husband and I did.  Click HERE to see the before and after.

Thank you Francesca with Ampersand Studios for the amazing photos and baby shower!!!

Bedding:  Crib bumper made from black and white damask fabric with black edging and pink ties.  Thanks mom!!!  Crib dust ruffle made from black and white diagonal patterned fabric.
Glider chair:  $45.00 thrift store find refinished in the matching black and white damask fabric with pink ties.
Blankets:  Crib blanket crochet from white baby yarn with a thicker texture and pink sparkle yarn as a scalloped edge.  Hand made by me, started on Christmas Eve and had it finished by Christmas night.  Chair blanket was a gift from the baby shower made from hot pink fleece type of fabric and dotted white minki on the back.  Thanks Shannon and Mandy it matches perfect!
Painting:  This was my first attempt at acrylic painting a person, I know it is kind of cheating because it is only the back of her but I loved the picture.  I actually painted this before I even knew I was pregnant but it works perfect in little Haddie’s room!
Gumball machine from Dillards.  Pink velvet chair from Ross.  White and pink pin board for hair ties from Hobby Lobby.Cabinet:  Purchased at an estate sale and re-done by my husband and I.  There is a textured damask patterned wallpaper on the front of the doors lined with pink pearl and black beaded trim.
Curtains are black out curtains from Target.  Scooter is a balance bike from Baby Daily.  Picture frames, dream picture, black dresser knobs, and name letters from Hobby Lobby.
*The little framed t-shirt is a signed baby shirt from her first concert at 5 months along from The Little Big Town band.Mirror:  $5.00 yard sale find re-painted in pink metallic with white and black beaded trim.
Trunks and Suitcase:  Black trunk was a $5.00 yard sale find, pink trunk from Hobby Lobby, white suitcase from the Fancy Farm Girls Sale.
Pink Piggy is actually a planter I believe, it was from a garage clean out I helped with for a co-worker.  It was originally red and is made from ceramic or terracotta I believe.
Pink clothespins from Michaels.Chandelier:  $35.00 from a consignment store re-painted to match the metallic pink, crystals added that were found on craigslist for $5.00, and black ribbon to the top of the glass for a little added detail.
Owl stuffed animal in crib:  Handmade by my cousin for the baby shower, so cute!!!  Check out her blog…Living Pretty Simple


3 thoughts on “Baby Haddison’s Room

  1. I seriously cannot get enough of this room! you guys put it together so well! love love love it all 🙂
    All ready for baby Haddie! Can’t wait to meet her !

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