Had a BBQ at my parents house with the grandparents, and great grandparents.  Earlier in the week Haddie had her first set of shots, which made her a fussy little girl, but Haddie was a much happier baby today laughing and smiling at everyone.  She enjoyed talking to Grandpa Wells in her stroller and we got the cutest video of her laughing, smiling and “talking” to him for the longest time.  Great Grandpa Hope came over so Haddie could say thank you for the amazingly generous gift he gave her to start her college fund…a nice letter and a check for, well lets just say it was way over the 100 dollars the adults get for their birthdays…:)  She just loves to look at him and see him smiling down on her.  Great Grandma Durant was over too, she was able to hold Haddie more than usual because everyone else was busy outside by the pool, I am sure she didn’t mind.  Haddie was able to fall asleep in her arms just as happy as can be.  It was a great day to be outside and for Haddie to start feeling better from her shots, couldn’t had timed it better myself.


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