First Camping Trip

So this weekend we took Haddie on her first of many camping trips to Lake Owhyee.  My parents and I left on Thursday afternoon in the “tater pig” (RV) so Haddie would be more comfortable riding up to the lake, and Brett came up on Friday morning to join us for the weekend.  It helped that Haddie had her new friend Hootie, the owl, with her for comfort.  The first night was surprisingly easy.  The temperature was just perfect for us to set up and get everything situated for the night.  Haddie actually ended up sleeping all night long!!!!  WOW! I was glad she made it easy for me.  As soon as she saw her daddy the next morning it was all smiles.   She got her first camping bath, in a bucket, that morning and loved it, not a peep out of her.  Saturday we weren’t as lucky with the weather, it was windy and started to rain pretty hard, but Haddie liked to hear the raindrops on the motor home, it helped put her to sleep.  We had an amazing dinner that night just before the weather turned on us.  My mom made hot rock filet with green beans, and strawberry spinach salad.  It was soooo good, wouldn’t have known the difference between Barbacoa’s hot rock and hers.  Thanks mom!!!  Sunday was fathers day and Haddie really loved being in her daddy’s arms that day.  We packed up and made our way home, not without stopping at our traditional burger joint for a milkshake and fries.

Bath time!!

Cooking the Hot Rock!!!


Cant go camping without the gourmet meals and champagne!!!
Happy Fathers Day dads!!!


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