Took Haddie to the Winter A Glow at the Botanical Gardens.  It was freezing cold, but so fun to do as a family for the first time.  Haddie loved being all bundled up in her stroller looking at all the bright colorful lights.  She even got to see Santa for the first time, so we thought (Grandma), she wasn’t too sure about him.  Had almost a blank look on her face, no smiles, no tears, just content I guess.  I had also taken a photography class that day with KRF Photography and Kristen invited us to tag along for a little extra photo lesson.  All in all it was well worth the cold temperatures…just remember when you give your camera to someone else to take pictures of you to turn it back to automatic.  (We had Brett’s sister, Lindsey, go with us and she got some of the cutest pictures of us but they were all blurry because she didn’t know she had to manually focus the camera…poo!!)


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