Painted Baby Toes

For an early Christmas present for Haddie I got her soy based nail polish and remover, because the chemicals in normal polish isn’t good for babies.  I ordered it off a website called Hopscotch.  They have lots of different colors, but who doesn’t love pink??  the instructions say to do this when the baby is asleep but my mom and I, mostly me, couldn’t wait till she was asleep so we attempted to do it while she was in her bumbo having a snack.  It was successful, yet another thing to say Haddie is the greatest baby ever!!!  She sat there the whole time watching, and smiling for daddy and the camera.  So cute…here is the evidence.

After painting toes Grandma was trying to actually feed Haddie her dinner, she decided to play with her while doing this by holding onto the spoon.  Then she thought she could feed herself and thought it was funny to sneeze/laugh with baby food in her mouth.  It was pretty funny though baby food went everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Painted Baby Toes

  1. si que es una bebe mu hermosa y se ve que la nña tenndra un futuro muy bueno espero que lo pe pase nada a esa lindura regalo de dios

  2. Thank you Ally Hage, my cousin, for the translation!! Here is what the comment from elenitahermosa8 says: what a beautiful baby, and it’s clear that this baby girl will have a very good future. I hope all things well for this beautiful gift from god.
    So nice, thank you elenitahermosa8 for the fabulous comment.

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