Happy Easter

Such a good Easter this year.  It started off with all three of us getting some extra rest, much needed.  Getting ready for church in our Easter outfits and meeting Great Grandma and Grandma for the service.  Haddie does surprisingly well during the hour service, she only had a few excited outbursts when she opened her book and saw a baby chick. 

After church we went back home and tried to dye some eggs using an idea I saw on pinterest using silk ties and shirts.  Luckily Savers was open on Easter because I still needed to find silk to use for the project.  An hour and a half later I came home with 3 silk shirts, a few ties, and two purses…woops.  The purses will be in another post here shortly, I hope…  Anyways Brett and I gave Haddie a basket of plastic eggs to play with in the kitchen while we attempted to dye our eggs.  Check out HERE to see our egg dying experience and outcome.  Haddie loved her plastic eggs and was amazed at how far they rolled without pushing them too hard.  Then she would put them in the basket and dump them out and push them again and again.  After egg dying we got ready and headed out to Grandpa and Grandma Wells’ house for dinner and more fun.  Here are some pictures of the family on our amazing Easter!!!



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