Silk dying eggs

Materials List:

  • Eggs
  • 100% silk top, scarf, tie, fabric
  • light colored fabric (sheet, pillowcase, shirt)
  • scissors
  • string or yarn to tie fabric
  • stainless steal pot
  • water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • cooling rack

1. Get eggs, I would suggest getting more than you want to end up with because some work better than others.  There could be an experimental period in this project where you forgot to look at the type of material and didn’t realize it wasn’t 100% silk (and they end up as plain white hard boiled eggs in the end).

2.  Go to the thrift store and get items that are 100% silk, such as ties, shirts, scarves, fabric… Make sure the fabric has some sort of design on it that can transfer.  Also it is very important that the fabric is 100% SILK otherwise it will not work.  * note to self:  not all ties are silk… I found that out the hard way…*  Also while you are at the thrift store or going through the fabric you already have get a light colored fabric also…this will be used later in the project, a sheet, pillowcase, shirt would work just fine.

3.  Cut your 100% silk fabric into a good size square that can easily go around your egg and be tied at the top.  Then you should cut the light colored fabric in a square as well.  Here are the two my husband and I decided to try first.

4.  Take one raw egg and put it in the silk, bring up the sides of the fabric to lay flat on the egg.  Do this as tight as you can without breaking the egg and tie at the top with yarn.  Having someone to help you on this step will help the silk stay tight while someone else ties the yarn.                                                                

5. Take the light colored fabric, like a sheet or old shirt, and wrap it around the silk.  This didn’t have to be as tight as the silk was because this is more so the inks don’t bleed onto other eggs.  Tie the fabric at the top again using yarn.

6. Place the eggs into the stainless steal pot and fill with water until the eggs are fully submerged.  Add in the 1/4 cup vinegar and turn heat up.  Start your timer as soon as the water and vinegar start to boil for about 22 minutes. 

7. After the timer is done take the eggs out and place onto the cooling sheet until cool to the touch.  Cut off the yarn and take away fabrics to see your beautiful masterpiece.


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