HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY HADDIE!!! (birthday girl, gifts, and guests)

Part 2 of the Birthday Party post!  Here are some of the pictures of Haddie, guests, and a few gifts.Haddie before getting cake, posing for all the photos.  She is getting really good at taking off her headband and hats.  It is a little harder for her to put them back on, but she tries.
Time for the cake!!!

Dig in Haddie!!!  She wasnt too sure at the beginning.  She was so soft and dainty just getting small pieces of frosting at a time, such a girl.  Then she found out how yummy the cake was and how fun it was to eat it…


A few special gifts:  Haddie’s GGG Grandma gave her a special present.  She gave Haddie her Great Grandma’s tea set from when she was a baby with a precious card.  The tea set was wraped up to stay together so it is difficult to see, but the pictures are too cute, plus it is 5 generations…how often does that happen?

Another special gift came from Grandma and Grandpa Hope, my parents.  All the granddaughters of my Grandy have a necklace with a heart and diamonds from her…so here is a look at Haddie’s special Grandy necklace and her very first Baby Doll!!

And last but surley not least here are some guest pictures from Haddie’s special day.  Thank you all for joining us for her first birthday and making it so special!!!  See you the same time next year!!



2 thoughts on “HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY HADDIE!!! (birthday girl, gifts, and guests)

  1. Adorable! So glad for the pictures, as I wished I could be there! You all look great. Lindz, I love your hair and your dress. Oh, and Haddison is gorgeous as always! 🙂

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