HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY HADDIE!! (the details)

So many photos from Haddie’s first Birthday.  Here are some from a combination of cameras, mostly Frannie…Thank you Frannie.

Details:Happy Birthday Haddie sign made from old cabinet door recycled from Diamond Street Recycling and  I hand painted the sign.  We hung it in front of a fabric garland that I made from old colored sheets and scrap fabric tied onto a piece of twine.  Made such a cute and colorful backdrop for her sign and above the refinished dresser.Dresser came from Diamond Street too,  I refinished it for the birthday party adding height with taller legs and distressing paint, and adding hardware.  I handmade the kids table tablecloth out of old sheets.  The ruffles are just too cute!                                                    
Dresser was decorated with a combination of vintage inspired props.  The runner was inspired by a pinterest post.  I handmade it from burlap, ribbon, and decorative trim.  It turned out perfect!  I bought a few old plates and glass candle holders from the thrift store and glued them together for the cupcake stands…so vintage inspired.  The 2 cakes and 90 cupcakes were generously made from a family friend, Nikki.  I found a picture of the cakes on pinterest and she recreated them just for Haddie’s birthday.  They not only looked perfect they tasted amazing too!!  Thank you Nikki!!!  I also put glass apothecary jars on the dresser with pink and blue colored candies to add height and detail.                                    Inside the tent we had several different tables and chairs which were refinished and save from being thrown out at Diamond Street.  We also hung white lights and a chandelier from the center of the tent.  The centerpieces are moss covered purse planters with spring flowers planted in them, and old blue mason jars with beautiful roses.  We gave the purse flower planters to the helpers who helped pull the party off as a party favor…they are too cute!  Here is a little closer look at some of the tables.                                                                    

All the tables and tables were salvaged from Diamond Street too…we love that place!!  The linens are majority from an old family hope chest, from Haddie’s Great Great Great Great Grandma (yep that is 4 greats).

All the desks and gift tables are salvaged from Diamond Street.  The silhouette is painted on the matching cabinet door to the Happy Birthday sign.  It is the same silhouette from the Birthday invitation.  Speak of the invitation here are some pictures of them…Good collaboration between Frannie, from Ampersand Studios, and I…well and pinterest.

You are going to get sick of me saying Diamond Street Recycling, I know, but the lamp(s) was salvaged from Diamond Street.  I just took off the original lamp shades and replaced them with some older style shades I got from an estate sale that I tied coordinating fabric onto to make a matching vintage inspired shade.  They turned out so cute!!  In the photo with the wing-back chairs there are several salvaged and thrift pieces.  The blue wing-back chair was a consignment store score, the white side table was a gift from Grandma, the pink small wing-back that two party goers are in was an estate sale find if I remember right.  And like I said before the tables and chairs, and lamp(s) were salvaged.

We rented a tent just in case of bad weather, but it turned out to be an amazing day…well until the wind came, but that is beside the point.  The tent worked out perfectly with the door fence and wonderland inspired background of Diamond Street recycling adding to the vintage and salvaged theme.


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