Haddisons Frozen Inspired 3rd Birthday

In March Haddie wanted a Frozen theme for her 3rd birthday party. And of course Frozen party items were HOT HOT HOT, and not in party stores yet (at least in Idaho).  So I had to improvise and try to get as much as I could online hoping it was all going to turn out.  Here is the result:

backdropcakebackdrop 2cake and haddieHappy Birthday Haddie Pie! You are such a sweet and happy little girl.  Hope all your birthday wishes come true.playhouseGama and Gampa got Haddie a playhouse for her birthday!!!!  OMG she loved it!  It took Gampa a week to build the dang thing, but will be loved forever.bike and dollHaddie also got her very first American Girl Doll from Gama, can we say spoiled??  (I never even got an American Girl doll growing up, well guess I get to play with Haddie’s)  And Daddy and I got Haddie her very first big girl bike.  We thought she was big enough for it but it turns out it’s a little to big for her…oh well she loved it and still likes to sit on it and get pushed around like the Princess she is.


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