Paisley & Stella’s First Birthday-part 1

May is a crazy month for us!  The girls Birthday and our Anniversary are on the same day, my Birthday, Mothers Day, and Graduation are all back-to-back for us.  So needless to say our Anniversary will probably never be celebrated on the correct day, ever again… (Brett and I decided that we should just keep the day but move the month because the girls’ Birthday will come first for a while).  So here is the beginning of our crazy month of May celebrating Paisley and Stella’s First Birthday with a Sunshine and Lemonade Birthday.  I decided that they needed a lemonade stand so I planed it out and Brett built it for me using recycled materials we had.  I will post about the building process of the stand later, but for now here is their party for you to enjoy.  (Thank you Frannie with Ampersand Studios again for the photos!!!)


I made some awesome cupcakes (enough cake for a small child) that were really tall.  I found the pan at Zurchers Party Store.  All the cupcakes and cakes were made by me, Funfetti cake!!!  My fav!!

We had pink lemonade and regular lemonade, and some really good ka-bobs that were glazed ham and pineapples.  So Good!  I would definitely recommend them!!

beforestella cakepaisley cakeTwinsBday-205TwinsBday-346gifts

There were so many gifts, because there is double, that we had to have some of the other kids help us open them for the girls.  It was a great way to have them help and it was fun for them to open gifts for the girls, especially ones they got for them.  The only thing was that it was hard to keep track of who gave what and which card went with which gift…  I think I kept it pretty straight of who got what, but we decided with all the chaos of lots of kids wanting to open gifts all at once, that we should just thank everyone at the beginning and end.  Happy Birthday Paisley and Stella!!!


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